Welcome to My Home Page

My name is Beth Koenig. I am functionally blind and have Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's Syndrome is a form of high functioning autism that effects my social skills, motor processing, and sensory processing which is the cause of my blindness. I want to be an Orientation and Mobility Instructor, teach people who are blind how to get around using a long white cane. I have many interests. Among them are as follows:

I am member of the National Federation of the Blind
Here is my chapter's website (I am the webmaster for it)

I read and write grade 2 braille (A system of raised dots the blind use to read and write.)

I read grade 1 Moon (Another system that the blind use to read and write, used mostly in the UK by people that became blind later in life.)

I use Assistive technology to help me in school. I also use my Braille 'N Speak to play games.

There are people who train service dogs that can help people with Asperger's / autism. Since I am functionally blind I will need a fully trained guide dog and most of the places that train service dogs for the autistic are unable to train a dog for guide work as well. There for I am going to get a dog from a guide dog school.

UPDATE! In January 2004 I went to Guiding Eyes for the Blind and got France. She is a black lab golden cross. I will post a picture of her later.

Cane travel (Orientation and mobility)

I am the Director of Deaf Blind Services at the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

I am also very interested in disability rights and access issues.

I also enjoy coding html (making webpages)


If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at bethko@att.net